Preventative Care

A good at-home oral care regime combined with regular dental check-ups help maintain the teeth and gums in their optimal state, providing you with good general health and a confident smile.

Check-up appointments are usually recommended on a 6 monthly basis and last for around 30 minutes. At your check-up appointment your dentist will assess the health of your jaw, mouth, teeth and gums. If additional work is required your dentist will discuss this with you, explaining the relevant options and answering any questions you may have.

Your dentist will also assess how well the teeth are being cleaned at home and if needed provide friendly feedback on how things could be improved.

There are many health and lifestyle factors which can contribute to oral disease including stress, smoking, diabetes and regular intake of sugary or acidic food and drink. Where relevant, your dentist will discuss the impacts of these factors on your oral health and discuss potential strategies to help reduce damage.

Our dentists have experience treating people across all stages of life, from the very young to seniors. We take great care in ensuring a comfortable visit. Please inform us if there is anything we can do to better ensure your needs are met.