Facial Swelling

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this information is provided to assist in an emergency but does not substitute tailored dental or medical advice given by a practitioner who is familiar with the patient’s history and has completed an examination of the patient.

Facial swellings are commonly caused by infection of the teeth or gums. They can have serious health consequences and should be treated as an emergency.

If a patient has a facial swelling believed to be associated with the teeth or gums they should contact their dentist immediately to organise an urgent appointment. During this appointment the source of infection (usually a tooth) can be identified and addressed.

If unable to see the dentist, the patient should immediately see their medical GP or attend hospital. It should be noted that while they may relieve the swelling, antibiotics are only a “bandaid fix” and the infected tooth or gums will still need to be treated otherwise the infection will persist.