About us

At Bega Dental Practice we are committed to delivering the highest quality of dentistry to our
community using state of the art equipment and techniques in a supportive and caring
Every patient is different, which is why we are committed to partnering with you to create an
oral health care plan tailored to your specific needs.
To help you make an informed decision about the treatment you wish to have, we will present
and discuss the appropriate options. In providing your treatment of choice, we will strive to
ensure the best quality outcome in terms of function, life-expectancy, and appearance.
We understand that the treatment that is right for you is not necessarily the most expensive and
we will work with you to ensure our service suits your budget. Where possible, we provide a
printed fee estimate that details likely costings for each visit.
Whatever your needs, we offer a range of solutions to help you feel comfortable and confident
in your smile.
For some, a visit to the dentist can be a daunting experience. Our staff welcome the opportunity
to ensure your visit is as relaxed as possible. Ask about our anxiety management and sedation
options (link to section on nervous patients) which may be of assistance.